Studio & vision


Rezo Zero is a graphic and digital studio that designs and develops unique brand identities and tailor-made digital solutions.


  • Strategy
  • Brand Identities
  • Print Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • Back End
  • Admin system
  • Front End

Contemporary art, functionalism and architecture of the 1920s are all inspirations that nourish the achievements of Rezo Zero as a studio. Sharing a common passion for visual identities and digital technologies, the team strives to provide both relevant and creative solutions to meet the objectives of its clients. Rezo Zero’s dedication to precision combined with a high-performance workflow has earned their projects national acclaim. The studio is currently developing The Hope Gallery, a new fundraising platform designed to benefit various causes chosen by artists, as it continues to grow through various partnerships and associations.

At the heart of our work, the constant search for the juncture between aesthetics and technical performances.


The workflow developed by Rezo Zero since 2005 - and now proven - is an essential component of the success of its projects. Its application extends beyond the precise analysis of client needs, confronted with market trends, to the implementation of a strict quality process to fend off visual and technological obsolescence. Available to clients and serving both as CMS and a framework, Roadiz helps to further enhance the efficiency and reliability of the workflow. This open-source CMS/CMF guarantees security, transparency and scalability, and the use of its back-office is as simple as it is intuitive.


Rezo Zero is an anagram with reference to the binary language. Zero serves as a starting point, the basic element of digital; a circle in perpetual movement that invites creative exploration.

Core Team

Julien Blanchet

Creative Director • Founder & Associate

Adrien Scholaert

Lead Front dev

Ambroise Maupate

Chief Technical Officer • Associate

Evghenia Diligul

Account & Project manager

Charlotte Carré

Art Director