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REZO ZERO digital creative studio


Our expertise

At Rezo Zero, we mainly focus our skills on brand identity, digital creation and the link between these two fields. Our digital scope encompasses the creation of responsive and applicative websites as well as the conception of interactive installations. Our view as designers makes us strive for a perfected result while never neglecting the creation process. This will, as well as our taste for community-based development on platforms such as Github, enabled us to create Roadiz, our content managing system.


Strategic consulting

We will help you define your digital strategy. Our expertise will allow use to challenge your project and we will be able to think it through. This is an important step that will or will not back up your initial concept.

Visual identity and typeface

We will create a visual identity for your brand so you can reach your goals. This long­term identity will be in balance with your activity. We like to pay attention to every detail, from the custom made typographic creation to the integration on any kind of device. For us, the digital support is not only a part of your graphic charter but it is also a dynamic space that has to be thought as such.

Art direction and ergonomics

In order to perfectly fulfill your needs, the concept we will suggest you will be carefully thought through and communicating will allow us to work on it again in order to perfect it. We particularly enjoy working on ergonomics and imagine how users will grasp your website. We create original solutions for every possible case, accordingly with your business challenges.

Tailored development

A brand identity has to be unique and cannot be created from an existing model; the same goes for the development of a website. We are able to manage technologies, server-side as well as client-side so we can experiment and dedicate as much time as possible to make your digital solution unique and exceptional.

Content & follow-up

While developing your website, we are also able to advise you when you fill your website. We will optimize the code so your content will benefit from natural indexing. In order to make your experience with Roadiz the best, we set up training sessions that will enable you to ensure and everyday update of your website. Finally, we will advise you regarding the choice of your hosting so that it will fit your needs and the technologies that we use.