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REZO ZERO digital creative studio


Hit the road!

Roadiz is our open source content managing system. It is the tool we use for every one of our digital projects as it is able to adapt to our clients’ specific needs while offering an easy-to-use interface.


Why Roadiz?

Why not Wordpress, Drupal or Typo3? We chose to create our own content managing open source tool in order to manage the whole website creating chain while also being able to fulfill your demands concerning design and technologies. Roadiz uses tried and tested features from the framework Symfony in order to capitalize on a large community of developers and to ease technical talks between professionals.


Favoring ergonomics

We like to take a particular care in our works, be it in the front end or in the back end. This way, the edition of your content will be a positive and efficient experience. Users are not the only ones benefiting from ergonomics, it also matters to the developers who will integrate and maintain your website. Roadiz enables visual and design ergonomics in order to ease developing as well as editing.


User experience above all!

Roadiz’s back office is built in a way that will offer an optimal content editing environment. We simplified the writing and assembling process of your pages for you to be able to focus on the content rather than what it looks like. Integrating the language Markdown enabled us to materialize this desire of rationalization and a modular architecture to build the pages and an optimal ease of use.


Open source

Roadiz is available under MIT licence. We actively publish and contribute to Roadiz’s source code on Github so all our work is transparent and collaborative. You are welcome to make any suggestion or pull request. All you have to do is test it and take part in its growth!