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Global identiy and website for Villes & Paysages


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Cities and bodies in motion

Villes & Paysages, an Egis Group subsidiary, is an urban planning and design agency for public spaces. Their approach is based on the creation of favorable conditions for the expression of bodies in motion: to create an urban composition capable of transcending technical standards, management of flows, integration of infrastructures, economic dynamics ... Villes & Paysages asked us to rethink their visual identity as well as their website.

Villes & Paysages screencast 02

One symbol for 3 activities

The original Villes & Paysages logotype was made a tree-shaped pictogram. They were willing to keep this icon but were also interested in finding a symbol that would now represent all of their 3 main areas of expertise: mobility, urban planning and landscape. We therefore went ahead and synthetized this 3-entities notion in one.

Areas of attraction

The main concept of Villes & Paysages' new identity is the idea of using focus, to draw attention to specific areas. This notion portrays the work of Villes & Paysages who intermediates in micro-environment as well as in macro-environment. Whether we worked on their print or digital declensions, this bias was replicated graphically and ergonomically.

One line as a guidance through the site

On the digital side, a conductive line is used as a linear mapping of the projects and declined on each page of the site. Sometimes animated, sometimes fixed, it articulates different anchor points, similar to stations, which allow brief breaks while browsing.

Villes & Paysages screencast01

Stacked containers

To counterbalance the ergonomic principles based on circles, the projects pages' environments adopt a more straightforward graphic composition. Large containers overlap with existing content, allowing navigation to lessen page loads splits.


The circle for leitmotiv

To support identity, circles come in ergonomics and page environments: hovers, drag and drop carousels, zoomed in and out menu, loader ... The landscape architect's methodology is represented by the animated circles, which highlight details or encompass ideas.




For Villes & Paysages, we've mixed editorialized and block-structured content with newsfeeds and projects that were subjected to a full-text search with Apache Solr, thanks to Roadiz. The flexibility of the interface and chosen structure allowed these heterogeneous contents to go up on the home page within the same carousel. You may also note that our homogeneous document management makes it possible for the publisher to integrate both images and videos at the same locations, onto a page.

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