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REZO ZERO digital creative studio


Global identity and website for SWM Exteriors


Concept, UX, Art direction, Development

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Green attitude

SWM Exteriors Paris offer their expertise to help you design and create the layout of your exterior space (terrace, balcony, garden, courtyard) in order to turn it into a custom made living space that brings added value to your building.


Stable and delicate

The graphic sign represents a precious but reachable brand image. The base rectangle is used to steady the plant as well as to show that SWM Exteriors has mastered the use of nature.


Expansive nature

In order to emphasize the idea of the expansive nature, we came up with a vertical movement which automatically scrolls through the visuals with the help of a timer. With the horizontal shifting of the images, the overall appearance evokes the one of climbing plants.