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REZO ZERO digital creative studio


Global identity and website for Septembre productions


Concept, UX, Art direction, Development

History of Septembre

Septembre Productions is a production company for films and TV movies that was created and is lead by Jean Nainchrik. They have produced 6 movies and more than a hundred TV movies (including series and stand-alone productions) to this day.


Rejuvenate the brand

Considering the productions of Septembre and their history, we decided to keep the initials SP from the previous logotype while treating them in the most up to date way possible. The base color was previously a 100% magenta and has been replaced by a coral red which is closer to autumnal tones and reminds the month of September.


Circular motions

We decided to work with half circle shapes when creating Septembre Production’s logo. The intials evoke the camera focus as well as the tracking shots. A full circle was chosen to encompass the intials in order to increase the hint to the spotlight. The name Septembre Production stands to the right of the logo, written in the Helvetica Neue font.