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Wesbite for Quincy Réquin & Associés, Lawyers.


Concept, Art Direction, UX, Development

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Quincy Réquin & associés’s lawyer’s offices are located in both Paris and Lyon. Their main goals are to help their clients be successful and to help them secure their growth. They wanted their website to be different from the usual digital productions from this very corporate field. They have called on us to build a creative and innovative website.

Quincy Réquin et associés

A checkered home page

The concept of a grid and checkered pattern helped us portray the various type of clients Quincy Réquin & associés help. We wanted to create a dynamic yet reassuring website, which is why we’ve integrated the four main menus in the checkered pattern. This allowed us to avoid making a basic menu at the top of the page.


An evolutive menu

The animations of the categories of the website play a major role in a modern and pleasant user experience. They are more than basic animations, they also offer a didactic reading of the navigation while loading the various features of the pages.


A minimal design

Managing blank spaces is one of the basic tasks of the art direction. Clean lines and arrows allow the website to be well­structured and set up the page change interface. In order to balance the bright atmosphere and to highlight important content, we used touches of purple that was initially on the graphic charter.


A dynamic sentence

Various clients call for various requests, which is why we chose a sentence that can be filled accordingly with the user’s occupation and what he is looking for. The user is then directed to the person that’s most qualified to deal with their issue.


We didn’t really know what we were aiming for but we did know what we didn’t want. Rezo Zero handled the rest with disconcerting ease.

Christophe Réquin