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REZO ZERO digital creative studio


Website for Nesso Architecte, Lyon - France


Concept, UX, Art direction, Development

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Site Inspire

Sideways approach

The architect office from Lyon was named after the Nesso lamp created by the italian group Gruppo Architettin Urbanisti Citta Nuova which combines urban architects and designers whose work methods tend to be transversal. This notion was our starting point for thinking.


Discernible colors

The existing color range was based on primary colors so we also used this atmosphere on the interface of the menu. The color range allows an easy identification of the project types (wooden frame, environmental approach, addition…) as well as active buttons.


A structuring grid

Thanks to Bureau 205 graphic studio’s graphic chart, we were able to created an ergonomic and structured art direction, while maintaining the ease of use. The different features will be adapted on a 20 pixels wide grid.


Filters and navigation

The main menu is reachable from any page. It is made of key words which act as filters on the content of a page. Such a system is practical and allows to use various filters to receive more precise results.


Relevant animations

We created fluid animations while keeping the hide and show concept of the main menu, which enables the website to be airier and more modern. In the end, the website is well-structured and dynamic, which coincides with the spirit of the two founders of the agency.

Colors and decoration

The website allows the user to make a choice by colors and decorations, which adds relevance to the filters of the menu. This is an interesting notion for architects and offers another way for the user to find what he is looking for.