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Global identity and website for MRAssociates


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UK supported accommodation

Based in Scotland, MRAssociates provides specialist advice, representation and training around the housing benefit scheme in relation to UK supported accommodation. They can help you tackle a range of issues by providing clear guidance and expert opinion on the housing benefit scheme in relation to supported “exempt accommodation”. They approached us to rethink their whole brand identity and website.


Evolution of the logo

After making the logo “alive”, we wanted it to evolve accordingly with every new page in order to keep the vivacity and the flexibility that we had established beforehand. The logo thus becomes a navigation/browsing marker, from the loading of the pages to the displaying of the content.


A dynamic identity

MRAssociates’ former identity was already made of two oval shapes, combined with an amateur script typeface depicted a graphically poor result. We liked the idea of the two shapes but had to change the fact that they were very immobile. We switched to a more dynamic logo with the easy-to-use paper.js library.


The thin grey line

To offset the round aspect of the shapes, the layout of the website is based upon a strong grid system which is in turn based on a thin grey line. This line creates a landmark when a user scrolls down but also defines a structure to display texts and images. All the pages are modeled after those elements.



In the header, MRAssociates wanted to quickly introduce the visitor to their field of activity, which is why the logotype is part of the tagline. It is for this reason that we have decided to not display the main menu directly as it would have added too much complexity on the page and we wanted to create a refined environment. Moreover, we wanted it to be well integrated and usable for transitions between pages. At the menu opening, we replaced the page baseline by all the entries of the menu in order to keep the website harmonious. Having elements placed that way allows us to produce smooth transitions while keeping some elements always displayed.


Working with Rezo Zero has been one of the best professional experiences we have had within our company. The team at Rezo Zero are incredibly hard working, friendly, efficient, helpful.

Mark Rodgers



While working on MRAssociates, Roadiz enabled us to create various types of content and to coordinate them within the structure. We created a page system with various content blocks, a case study system that introduces MRAssociates customers, a blog and a knowledge base. All of these various contents can be linked to each others in order to create an easy browsing and an ideal indexing.

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  • Doctrine
  • Twig
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