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REZO ZERO digital creative studio


Global identity and website for Laurent Perez Del Mar


Concept, UX, Art Direction, Development

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A passion for cinema

Laurent Perez Del Mar wrote his first sheet music for short movies, ads, TV shows and then for films. He composed the scores for Rémi Bezançon’s “Zarafa”, the animated movie “Evolution Man” from Jamel Debbouze as well as Jean-Baptiste Andréa’s “The Brotherhood of Tears”.


Black & White

Black and white was our choice of color in order to project a strong cinematographic image.The lineal Alternate Gothic typeface and the grids add a modern dimension to the website while structuring the textual elements.


Reel-like website

The vertical scrolling of the website is inspired from scenes captured on 35mm film, each section having a specific background photo.When scrolling, the content of the foregrounds and the backgrounds change, which evokes cinematographic shots.