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Joseph a avoué was created after an harmony between the activities and interests of Gabrielle Aries, a designer from Paris. She wanted to be able to share her projects but also inspirations and trends that she loved without having to separate them.


Joseph and his menu

We wanted to reuse the motto of the brand - Joseph a avoué (Joseph confessed), Joseph a aimé (Joseph loved), etc. We used this curious way of writing as a way to browse the website. Joseph is the word that links all the categories. Every entry of the menu then enables to filter tagged content.


Circular pattern

In order to mirror the round shape of the “O” letter, animations and interface features are based on a circle. The page transitions allow this O to evolve in a subtle way so the browsing is still consistent and the visual content is beautified.


An integrated logo

The existing logotype uses the Quicksand typeface but with a specific feature on the loop on the “O” from the name Joseph. In order to develop our concept of “menu navigation”, we created an alternative font by incorporating the particular feature for an ease of use of the front office.

Chronological feed

The notion of chronology is ubiquitous on the website. Rather than spliting content into categories, Gabrielle Aries preferred to emphasize the notion of time, which leads the flux to be ordered by dates. This notion is consolidated by the smooth and airy way of browsing which is based on a slide by slide navigation and offers different environments which all have their specific color.


I want to thank the team at Rezo Zero for their professionalism and availability. We were able to discuss a lot in order to create the website Joseph a avoué and the team’s skill and good spirit greatly helped!

Gabrielle Aries



When working on Joseph a avoué, Roadiz enabled us to create a custom news system and to personalize the appearance of the back office. Thanks to the Intervention-Request library included into Roadiz, the client doesn’t have to bother with the size of their images. Images can be resized accordingly with the theme. Unlike other CMS, the size of the images is not final and Roadiz always saves the original file to allow the designers to change the models without having to upload every image again.

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  • Doctrine
  • Twig
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