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Website for Jean-Florian Leroy, architecte


Concept, Art direction, UX, Development

Île de Ré lover

Jean-Florian Leroy designs unique and modern projects on the Île de Ré, such as new buildings, renovations or extensions, from their conception to their construction. His architectural and decorative skills guarantee custom-made houses in which traditional woodwork merges with innovation.


Web gallery

Jean-Florian Leroy wished to be able to easily access his creations. We created a website where every different category is sorted by type and refers to a photo gallery. Because of the high number of images, we favored a linear navigation.




Roadiz’ document interface has been useful while creating Jean-Florian Leroy’s website. By uploading the images only once, we were able to deal with every one of them at every scale, which eased the client's filling work. We managed to reduce the many features of the back-office in order to keep only the most essential ones, thus offering a simple yet effective tool.

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