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REZO ZERO digital creative studio


Global Identity for Impressario


Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design

Press agent

Impressario is an agency specialized in press and public relations in the decoration, architecture and design fields. Their main fields of work are the art of living, publishing and the hotel industry. We helped build their communication strategy as well as their prints in order to create their visual identity.


Initial and framework

The initial “A” can be used as a decoration in order to emphasize the visual identity or in halftone at the back of various communication media (letters, business cards, the inside of boxes...). It is able to visually complete the original concept of relationship.

Union and relationships

In order to show the notion of relationship that is included into Impressario’s everyday job, the graphic chart is based on the strategical graphic element that is the hyphen. Replacing the vertical elements of the letters by an hyphen brings an relevant uniqueness to the typeface. In order to enhance the visual identity of the brand, the unique letter A has been used as an initial


Rezo Zero has seized the "personality" of the company and its activity (press relations, public relations) and has translated it into graphic terms. We look forward to having the opportunity to use their inventiveness and professionalism.

Tony Lemâle
Impressario Founder