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Global identity and website for the designer Guillaume Bouvet


Concept, UX, Art Direction, Development

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Craftsman and designer

Guillaume Bouvet is a french designer who mainly works with wood. He designs and crafts purified, functional and ergonomic furniture, inspired from scandinavian designs. In order to fit his style, we created a brand identity and a website where form meets function.


Lines and balance

For Guillaume Bouvet, simplicity is key in design. It leads to a better reading and understanding of the product, which in turns leads to a better relationship with any piece of furniture. In order to echo his belief, the whole print and digital chart is organized around a line, a formal evocation to the thickness of a wood plank which reminds of the work of a carpenter.


We quickly realized that duality was the best way to browse the website. The content has been divided in two parts : the left side offers custom-made furniture, while the right side deals with the mass production. The website gains in strength and consistency thanks to a visual identity based on the principle of dichotomy.



The graphic chart amounts to a line and two intials (Guillaume Bouvet’s own), which emphasize the concept of symmetry and duality. They will be used as unique features in the print and web version of Guillaume Bouvet’s identity. On the website, these initials will change accordingly and become the first letters of the chosen page.


AZ Desk

While we were creating his website, Guillaume Bouvet also asked us to create a visual identity for his evolutive desk, the AZ Desk. This desk is able to adapt to any school child from the age of 4. While the child grows, so does the desk. The letters A and Z appear when looking at the desk from the front and from the side. We were then able to suggest a graphic sign in line with these prerequisites.


A didactic evolution

In order to better show the evolution of the AZ Desk, we decided to recreate the desk in 3D and animate each step. Going from one to the other, the user can then easily understand how the evolution of the desk works.