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Global identity and website for Gourmantour (NGO Rongead)


Concept, UX, Art direction, Web-development

Tourism in Burkina Faso

NGO Rongead works to promote eco-tourism in the Eastern region of Burkina Faso, along with and for local professionals. Gourmantour quickly became a leading project offering great visibility to all actors. To enhance this recognition, we have created a modern brand identity as well as a site to promote the eastern region and to prepare one's trip.


Between traditions and modernism

For the logo, our inclination was to learn from the Burkinabe iconography without falling into a basic ethnic aesthetic. Our charter incorporates geometric figures and a lineal typography to obtain a contemporary and authentic rendering. Moreover, the logo is built in 3 parts to echo the adventure, nature and culture approaches of the tours.


Pictures and carousels

The aim being to prepare a trip and discover the typical landscape of Burkina Faso, the quality of visual content was the key to ignite interest in visitors. The exceptional photographic work of François Lesavre prompted us into showcasing carousels as well as planning the ergonomics in relation to these visuals.


Navigating with cutting stripes

In reference to the logo and overall identity, cutting strips seemed ideal to define the site's navigation and layout. Following this principle, page transitions are based on fluid animations that contribute in highlighting photographs and editorial content.


Prepare a trip

In order to promote the Gourmantche region and to provide the user with a global vision of the touristic offer, our strategy was centered around an interactive map. Quickly becoming the main feature of the site, this map allows you to view circuits, actors, attractions, services and activities - individually or combined. Moreover, echoing the geometric shapes of the logotype, a whole set of pictograms was created to identify these markers.




Besides simplifying our text and image management process on Gourmantour, Roadiz allowed us to build a small JSON API to display road-trips and markers on the «Get ready for your travel» map. All Roadiz power comes from its Symfony foundation especially with HttpFoundation component which makes it possible to serve any kind of response types (HTML, JSON, XML). A Request/response pattern along with the Roadiz node system are perfect to ease up JSON API creation.

  • Symfony Components
  • Doctrine
  • Twig
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