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REZO ZERO digital creative studio


Global identity and seasonal prints for the Auditorium, National Orchestra of Lyon


Concept, Art direction, Graphic design

L'Auditorium de Lyon

The Auditorium de Lyon is a major cultural part of the city of Lyon. With new conductor Leonard Slatkin, the Auditorium de Lyon wanted to start writing a new page of its history by establishing a new visual identity.


A unique architecture

Created by architects Henri Pottier and Charles Delfante and unveiled on February, 14th 1975, the building is an architectural curiosity. Various geometrical features (doors and windows) are used to give a rhythm to the building and reinforce its uniqueness.


Formal identification

In order to get recognizable and modern graphic standards while also keeping the spirit of the National Orchestra of Lyon, we worked on a typeface that is mildly inspired from the curves and the geometry of the building. From this font, we created the musical logo: the horizontal bar of the letter “A” has been removed, the letter thus becoming a recognizable sign which resembles diples. The simple letter “O” looks like a whole note.



Along with our work on the brand identity, we worked on the art direction for a photoshoot of the musicians. These pictures set them up with bigger shapes of the graphic standards used on the website.