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Website for Arald (books and documentation association in Rhône-Alpes)


Concept, UX, Art Direction, Development

Books and documentation

The Arald is the keystone between different book related jobs, such as designers, mediators and other professionals. The association encourages cooperation, information, formation, advices in favor of books and reading. In order to fit the of style of the association, we chose to incorporate many textual elements in the website.


Editorial policy

Ranking and thinking through all the textual elements accordingly with the communication objectives of the Arald were the main stakes while building this website. Despite a small number of iconographic features, we were able to make browsing pleasant.


A singular typeface

The typeface Ryman Eco is at the heart of the Aralds’s graphic chart. It has been created with the idea that it should use 33 % less ink than any regular typeface, which is a relevant idea considering the actions of the association. Mainly used for titles, this font will allow the content of the website to be ranked as well as to confirm the identity of the association.


Colour scheme

The colour scheme offers a range of shades that match up the various entries of the main menu. For a consistent visual support, the logotype will also change depending on the chosen category.


A web app

The layout was deliberately chosen to be the one of a web app. It offers a social feed column to the left and to the right is a zone of minor information. The central space exclusively focuses on the most important information so the content adaptation is responsive.


We had access to a great tool as well as a team of professional who kept up with our expectations. We also benefited from the team’s added value: productive exchanges, solutions that fit, a positive environment and a dynamism that stands to reason.

Antoine Fauchié
Digital projects manager



Roadiz allowed us to design the website of the Arald and its various type of data. The website allows for a cohabitation of a hierarchical architecture of the pages as well as the linear structure that blogs commonly use. Thanks to the centralized node system of the CMS, we were able to tag pages as well as blog posts, creating a transversal browsing between news and static content.

Besides a node system, we also created new entities and personalized the back office in order to be able to manage the Arald’s directory. Lastly, we used the full text search engine Apache Solr which enables an indexation and a decentralized research of any content.

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